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Michael Wagstaffe, Lukas Wenthaus, Adrian Dominguez-Castro, Simon Chung,Guilherme Dalla Lana Semione, Steffen Palutke, Giuseppe Mercurio, Siarhei Dziarzhytski, Harald Redlin,Nicolai Klemke, Yudong Yang, Thomas Frauenheim, Adriel Dominguez, Franz Kärtner, Angel Rubio,Wilfried Wurth, Andreas Stierle, and Heshmat Noei: Ultrafast Real-Time Dynamics of CO Oxidation over an OxidePhotocatalyst. ACS Catal. 2020, 10, 22, 13650–13658. DOI:

This paper is also the cover of the new release of ACS Catalysis Vol.10 Issue 22

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