Equal opportunities

Gender equality and diversity are strategic aims of the Universities of Bremen and Oldenburg, Jacobs University Bremen and the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, where our Research Training Group (RTG) is located at. The Universities of Bremen and Oldenburg are certificated as family friendly Universities and the Jacobs University owns the certificate of “Weltoffene Hochschule”. The University of Bremen is audited as a "Diversity University".

Within the RTG we also follow this approach and are actively involved in the ”Gender Consulting Research Network”, the Bremen Network for ”Equal Opportunities in Research”  and the ”Equal Opportunity Board” of the Bremen Center for Materials and Processes. All these groupings work towards an environment for an equal chance to pursue and succeed in an academic career regardless of gender, ethnic or social background, language, religion or philosophy, age, physical or psychical disabilities, or sexual identity.